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NCS delivers trusted fuel solutions. We are a reliable global specialist in the provision of fuel and fuel related services and solutions to demanding environments.

We have been delivering an exceptional service for over 15 years and our culture is one of continuous improvement.

NCS leverage a strong skills base specifically developed to support military customers and our team provides years of remote-site experience, guaranteeing workable and efficient solutions no matter how complex or challenging the task.

What makes us different? We supply where others can't, We deliver when others won't,

We shoulder the risk, so that our customer doesn't have to.


Case Studies

  • Support of NATO in Afghanistan

    Over the course of 15 years, NCS has provided a wide range of fuel and associated fuel services to customers in in Afghanistan, supporting NATO and US missions. Up to 400 NCS personnel worked on the APODs Kandahar Airfield (KAF), Kabul/Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), Mazar e-Sharif (MeS), and Camp Arena (Herat). Additionally, several Forward Operating Bases was supplied by either road or air.
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  • NATO Fuel Transfer Point

    In 2018 NCS were tasked by NATO Support & Procurement Agency to recommission a distribution pipeline and construct a new military grade bulk fuel storage facility. The target was to give added operational capability and security in terms of in-loading and distributing F-34 onto the base from off-base strategic storage.
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  • International Logistics Support

    In 2022, NCS was tasked by the Danish Defense to assist with International Logistics Solutions in support of international obligations in Europe. As a specialized requirement, NCS was tasked to provide tailored fuel logistics support on behalf of the Danish Defense.
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  • Large Scale Mobilization

    In 2014, NCS was awarded a contract with NATO Support & Procurement Agency for all fuel and fuel related services in Afghanistan. This contract was an extension from the 2007 contract with NATO. The extension made NCS the prime contractor for all fuel and fuel services to NATO in Afghanistan and entailed a quadrupling of staff and supply in less than six months.
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  • Herat Bulk Fuel Installation

    In 2018, NCS designed and constructed a new Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI) at Camp Arena, Herat, Afghanistan for NATO Support and Procurement Agency. The BFI was built of industry compliant double skinned fuel storage tanktainers and connected via an above and below ground pipeline to the existing fuel infrastructure at the site.
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  • Fuel Technical Training

    In 2016, NCS was contracted by the UN Supply Section to conduct fuel technical training of the UN Fuel Unit Staff for their fuel operations in Sudan. NCS took on this task utilizing the extended inhouse training/education used for its own staff. NCS developed their fuel technical knowledge within several specific topics as well as updating them on the latest international standards.
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  • Airborne Fuel Deliveries

    In 2016, NCS was approached by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency on behalf of their military customer asking for airlift-based mission support in Afghanistan. It took NCS only 21 days from the requirement was formally notified to the first delivery was made to the NATO forces in the base. During the first years of operation, over 20 million liters had been delivered by NCS.
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  • Support of NATO in Eastern Europe

    In 2017, NCS was awarded a NATO framework contract for fuel and fuel services in support of the NATO missions in Europe. Since 2019, NCS has supplied storage and issue of fuel technical equipment, as well as a routine bulk supply of F-54. NCS mobilized operational equipment to provide a deployable, contractor-operated, self-sufficient Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI). NCS still supports in the Baltic Region to this day.
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  • Laboratory Services

    NCS has operated fuel laboratories in support of NATO for more than a decade. From initially taking over a field laboratory NCS expanded these to a series of laboratories matching international commercial laboratories on equipment, personnel, and management systems.

    As the first laboratories in a warzone, the laboratories obtained ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation.
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  • Fuel Marking

    NCS has provided a wide range of fuel into Afghanistan via a variety of supply lines. The risk of theft or fraught was significant due to NCS importing tax exempt superior grade fuel compared to the product offered on the local market, in one of the world’s most challenged countries when it comes to corruption.
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About Us

NCS was designed as a high-quality fuel and logistics service provider from inception. We have "cut our teeth" in Afghanistan, learning how to deliver a world-class supply solution in one of the most austere environments in the world.

The risks we have routinely faced and overcome include security, geography, environment, politics, and infrastructure. Our people, systems, and processes have been well tested. Not only have we delivered superior solutions in challenging operating environment for more than 15 years, but we have also thrived on the challenge.

We draw on these experiences, overlaying them with the global reach and presence, financial strength, and service-focused capability of our parent organization, World Kinect Corporation.

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Expertise & Experience

NCS leverage a strong skills base specifically developed to support military customers and our team provides years of remote-site experience, guaranteeing workable and efficient solutions no matter how complex or challenging the task.

Quality Management

Our Quality Management System provides operational consistency and transparency through rigorous documentation of all management, core and support processes, managed by our Quality Assurance team.

Risk Management

Risk-based thinking is one of our managerial tools to ensure resilience when operating complex supply and service setups in harsh or challenging conditions. Through multifaceted risk analysis and thereby risk reduction, we save our clients potential costs and secure a steady supply.

Financial Management

NCS is able to augment our company’s traditional expertise in supply and operations by drawing on the significant expertise and array of programs in fuel financing and price risk management of our parent company, World Kinect Corporation.


At NCS we are proud of our extensive quality control procedures, which are embedded in our Quality Management System and certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance with the following international standards:

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management
ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management
ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational Health and Safety Management
ISO 37001:2016 - Anti-Bribery Management

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NCS believe in sustainable operations and consider it a natural enhancement of our long-time ISO 14001 certification on environmental management. The combination of NCS unpreceded expertise within every aspect of quality control of military fuel grades and our parent company World Kinect Corporations leading role within renewable energy, makes us the obvious supplier to support military transition to sustainable fuel solutions.
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Meet us at Eurosatory

NCS will be at the 2024 Eurosatory Exhibition.

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NSPA Extends Global Fuel Services Contracts with Nordic Camp Supply

We are pleased to announce that NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has recently extended their Global Fuel Services framework contracts with Nordic Camp Supply (NCS) into 2025.

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