Quality Management

The NCS core competence is quality of products and services, which has resulted in a past performance second to none within military fuel supply.

Our quality management is optimized for specific supply solutions based on risk assessments and considering the statutory requirements. The latter includes a unique combination of compliance to both military and civilian standards, e.g., on aviation products where the most stringent requirements from STANAG 3149, MIL-STD 3004, EI/JIG 1530, DEF STAN 91-091, and local regulations all are being met.

This is accomplished via a managed process approach through the supply line with a regime of product testing for verification after each step, conducted either by NCS staff on-site or 3rd parties. We offer the capability of establishing and operating fuel laboratories where such services are not locally available.

NCS LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) ensures that the traceability of any product is conducted in a compliant, standardized, efficient, and professional manner. The system will generate assured access to all documentation and test results as well as real-time data for our customers.

Both inhouse and external test results are validated using the NCS LIMS application, which has been developed to manage multiple aspects of a full scope operational fuel supply including:

  • Fuel Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Traceability Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Physical Operation and Batch Management
  • Customer Communication

Qualification of both our own staff and our suppliers is essential for quality management to become effective, hence training is an integral part of our services, and can be expanded to cover customers as well should a need for fuel technical or operational training occur.

The quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and a series of other standards.

ISO Certification

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