Financial Management

NCS has access to significant financial resources through our parent organization, World Kinect Corporation (WKC). We can augment our company’s traditional expertise in supply and operations by drawing on the substantial expertise and array of programs in fuel financing and price risk management of WKC.

These services provide significant value-add to our more traditional technical fuel services by helping our customers to achieve the following objectives:

  • Stabilizing cash flows
  • Reducing the risk of financial distress
  • Protecting budget targets and profit margins
  • Provision of insurance
  • Securing a competitive edge
  • Financial contract management with detailed reporting on an open-book basis

By using credit facilities and programs for enhanced credit and payment terms, NCS finance professionals work closely with our customers to provide structured finance, customized for specific sectors.

The NCS team of risk management experts skillfully navigates the energy- and finance markets to design comprehensive, creative, and effective risk management programs to meet customer needs in a custom risk solution.

NCS can bring additional value in reducing our clients’ life cycle of direct and indirect costs through:

  • Volume aggregation in fuel procurement
  • Leverage of long-term supplier relationships for favorable pricing
  • Outsource fuel management and procurement functions
  • Use of existing credit facilities

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