Fuel Sourcing

NCS is experienced in sourcing and supplying the full range of aviation and land petroleum, oil, and lubricant (POL) products, in accordance with required specifications above locally available products. NCS portfolio include both commercial and military specifications. We are also able to source and supply more specialized products and specifications.

The NCS sourced military grade fuel products are dominated by:

  • F-34/JP 8 Aviation Fuel (procured fully additized or additized inhouse)
  • F-35/JET A1 Aviation Fuel
  • F-54/EN 590 Diesel Fuel
  • F-67/EN 228 Unleaded Gasoline
  • F-18/100 LL Aviation Gasoline (AVGAS)

Our customers expect that we will deliver products in accordance with the agreed-upon specification, at the right time and right place – no more, no less. The procurement of fuel includes transportation, tracking, loading/unloading, and advanced logistical management. All NCS processes adhere to the most stringent requirements of the latest STANAG 3149 and EI/JIG 1530 standards ensuring uncompromised fuel quality from point of manufacture to the end user, including product origin validation, verification of product quality throughout the supply line, and correct batch management, including full traceability.

NCS is structured to maximize supply reliability in the following ways:

  • Access to the WFS network of 8,000 trusted suppliers across the globe
  • Multiple supply lines and commercial reserves backup
  • Cultivating reliable local supplier partnerships including training and education programs to secure these partners’ compliance with specified standards
  • Boots of ground approach at loading and shipping points to offset potential supply distribution risks and help to ensure a stable fuel supply to point of delivery

Sustainable Fuel Solutions

As fuel usage gradually transitions to sustainable products also in the military world, NCS holds the capability to provide Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) diesel.

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