Sustainable Fuel Solutions

NCS’ unpreceded expertise within every aspect of quality control of military fuel grades, in combination with our parent company World Kinect Corporation’s leading role within renewable energy, makes us the obvious supplier to support the military transition to sustainable fuel solutions.

Despite all the obvious, sustainable benefits that biofuels represent, the transition includes a series of challenges:

  • Technical performance of biofuels is substandard to conventional crude oil derived product
  • Long-term storage properties impacted
  • Microbiological growth vulnerability
  • Segregated transport/storage requirements
  • Quality control, traceability, and handling requirements differ from conventional fuel

With military technical and logistical requirements being over and above the civilian industry, mitigation of the above is essential.

NCS offers to support in all phases from the evaluation of a potential product to a turnkey solution with the delivery of sustainable fuel, required equipment, and the entire operational handling.

We are monitoring the ever-accelerating development of new sustainable alternatives and we benchmark against the criteria of military operations. So far, the majority fails as immature or technical non-compliant, but a few products such as HVO and SAF has qualified for our product portfolio.


Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil is produced in an approved industrial process based on sustainable, renewable raw materials such as cooking oil and animal fat. It is a 3rd generation bio-fuel compliant with EN 15940, capable of being utilized unblended as a drop-in replacement for EN 590. Note that in praxis the product will be blended due to price and availability, which impact the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction subject to dilution. That is why strict batch control throughout the supply line shall be considered as opposed to normal ground fuel supply.


Sustainable Aviation Fuel is produced in a similar way to HVO. It shall be noted that the product at present does not meet the jet safety requirements without blending with fossil fuel. The GHG reduction is subject to a blending ratio, which is a criterion that shall be considered in addition to the already required batch control of aviation products.

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