Risk Management

Risk-based thinking is one of the NCS managerial tools to ensure resilience when operating complex supply and service setups in harsh or challenging conditions.

The NCS methodology includes risk assessments detailed in risk identification, analysis, and evaluation, followed by mitigation until we reach a post-mitigation risk level within our own and our customers’ risk appetite. At the highest level the methodology is used for NCS organizational risk, but more importantly, utilized to gain an in-depth understanding of specific contractual risks, hence it contributes directly to our fulfillment of customer requirements. At the activity and process levels, it is used for Task Risk Assessments, including environmental and health & safety aspects.

Cyber Security

Examples of how risk-based thinking reduces our customers’ risks:

  • NCS’ vast supplier network and the integrity of our supply chain help minimize the risk of costly supply interruptions.
  • Our quality testing regime ensures the provision of on-spec fuel, reducing the risk of production stoppages, damage to capital equipment, and voided warranties that can occur with poor-quality fuel.
  • The price risk management programs developed by NCS help minimize the risks associated with price volatility.
  • Our company’s financial strength reduces counterparty risk.
  • Our strong commitment to ethics and anti-corruption practices ensures compliance with applicable laws, minimizing reputational risk.

The NCS risk management is ISO 31000 compliant and is utilized for the full range of our ISO certifications.

ISO Certification

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