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NCS specializes in the supply of fuel and fuel related services to support the mobility of government peacekeeping and expeditionary forces in challenging environments. Due to the nature of military operations, customer requirements exceed almost any other industry. To meet our vision of being recognized as the most trustworthy and dedicated supplier, our business is tailored around customer requirements.

NCS legacy is based on a strong fifteen-year track record of providing reliable, high-quality supply and logistics in Afghanistan. Our services in Afghanistan have included the provision of petroleum, oil, and lubricants for military aircraft, ground vehicles, and generators for NATO and their partners.

Two-thirds of the NCS operational staff come from military fuel logistics backgrounds. We leverage their fuel logistics experience and expertise, garnered from a wide variety of operating environments, to ensure success in supporting our defense customers in challenging environments.

further leverage this knowledge in the following ways:

  • Direct engagement ‘face to face’ with the military customer in theatre to ensure operational coordination to customer standard in an effective and flexible way
  • “Boots on the ground.” Our personnel is deployed along the supply chain to control processes, gain first-hand information on prevailing local conditions, and react quickly to changing situations
  • Our Site Managers pay frequent visits to loading and shipping points to prevent blockages. In the same vein, our Operations and Country Managers maintain contact with federal and neighboring authorities
  • All personnel rely on and respect the experience of our subcontractors and their insights into local customs, laws, and regulations

NCS customers for government defense operations:

  • NATO military contingents
  • Militaries of NATO partner countries
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • International humanitarian organizations
  • Armed Forces of the US, Germany, Sweden, France, and EUPOL (European Police Force)
  • Commercial companies contracted by NATO

NCS Headquarters

Strømmen 6
9400 Nørresundby

+45 70 23 13 07
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NCS London Office

28th Floor, One Canada Square
London E14 5AA
United Kingdom

+45 70 23 13 07
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