The NCS supply solutions typically include providing strategic, intermediate, or destination fuel storage facilities, or a combination of these, to maximize the robustness of our supply chain and minimize the risk of disruption.

These facilities may be owned and operated by NCS, exclusively operated by NCS, or leased from the commercial market. For any solution, we ensure that the operations of the storage facility are in accordance with global best practices to ensure that product quality is always maintained.

As part of any potential turnkey fuel supply chain solution, NCS can design, construct, commission, and operate fuel storage facilities, such as Fuel Farms and Bulk Fuel Installations (BFI), through our experienced team of fuel experts. NCS holds significant experience in the design and construction of bulk fuel storage facilities, also in expeditionary and austere operating environments.

NCS is also able to offer a management service for our customers’ bulk fuel storage facilities. In addition, in emerging environments, we can provide technical support to local BFI providers to help develop and maintain world-class quality control standards.

Based on a network of supply partners, NCS sources requirement-based fuel equipment (such as fuel pumps, meters, filters, and tanks) for our own fuel construction projects as well as for our customers and other partners.

Fuel Farm Facility

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