Fuel Marking

Project Overview:

NCS has provided a wide range of fuel into Afghanistan via a variety of supply lines. The risk of theft or fraught was significant due to NCS importing tax exempt superior grade fuel compared to the product offered on the local market, in one of the world’s most challenged countries when it comes to corruption.

As a consequence, NATO Support and Procurements Agency (NSPA) requested a fuel marking solution for F-54 stocks in Afghanistan. NCS introduced a solution enhanced to cover the supply line through the high-risk border crossings (BXP), utilizing a state-of-the-art invisible DNA tagging including test capabilities providing full traceability via a cloud-based secured database.

Project Details

Fuel Marking
Neighboring countries and into Afghanistan


  • 2017 - NCS investigated the technical opportunities in the market from traditional fuel dye, over covert dye to the latest high-end solutions.
  • 2017 – NCS contracted a third-party supplier solution based on technical criteria. The technology chosen was based on additization with a unique invisible chemical marker, commonly referred to as DNA Tagging.
  • 2017 – To ensure full independency, NCS decided upon partly outsourcing to an international 3rd party inspection company.
  • 2018 - NCS was re-awarded the full scope contract for all fuel on behalf of NATO/NSPA in Afghanistan, including the new fuel marking requirement.
  • 2018 – NCS fuel marking solution became fully operational providing:
    • Fuel marker additization in supply lines, in 3 neighboring countries.
    • Additization done by 3rd party, including verification by test, cloud-based database of volume, marking percentages, and geographical coordinates.
    • Fraught or dilution monitorisation based on unique markers and determination of marker percentages allowing controlled product release into military bases.
    • Test of marker percentage on all on-base storages monitored by NCS laboratories.
  • 2019 – NCS obtained ISO 17025 accreditation for the fuel marker test under enhanced terms for non-standardized test methods.
  • 2018–2021 – NCS operates the fuel marking program, sharing all information with NSPA via regular reporting and online access.


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