Our Sustainability Approach

NCS believes in more sustainable operations in the future. We consider this a natural enhancement of our long-time ISO 14001 certification on environmental management.

Over the years, we have handled fuel operations under extreme conditions and managed this with a minimal environmental impact, even in military theatre environments where such may not be a mission priority.

Historically we have been delivering where others cannot, including significant volumes of Ultra Low Sulfur products to continents where high sulfur is the norm. We are ready to use this specific skillset in a future role of delivering sustainable fuel to remote locations, where this is not available via common sales channels.

We monitor our Green House Gas (GHG) emission against KPI’s and has reduced this over time. Our ultimate aspire is Net Zero, but knowing this is not a quick fix, we participate in corporate offset programs to reach the level of being carbon neutral. Our inhouse emission control covers GHG Scope 1 and 2, hence our current focus is on Scope 3. This is a prolonged process, especially since our line of business is to fulfill military energy demands, which for years to come will include technical, logistical, or infrastructure requirements that can only be covered by fossil fuel.

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