Cyber Security

Information Security is essential for the NCS corporation. Cyber security has presently become the biggest threat for losing information, hence it has the highest priority.

Not only must our parent company, World Kinect Corporation, fulfil the most stringent statutory requirements as listed on the New York stock exchange (NYSE:INT), but more importantly the vulnerability of our line of business in case of information breaches, covering e.g., energy advisory services, energy supply, operational infrastructure, and transactions/payment management.

For more than a decade, World Kinect Corporation has centralized cyber security in a global IT Security function, operating an Information Security Management System certified in accordance with ISO 27001.

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With both hardware and software being the best available and being controlled by subject matter experts, the risk of human errors becomes the weak spot. Subsequently, regular Information Security Awareness Training is mandatory for all employees, ensuring that own and especially customer information is treated with confidentially and protected by the entire workforce.

All NCS staff holds a military security clearance, allowing us to handle confidential information.

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