Fuel Farm Facility

At NCS we have utilized our petroleum, logistics, and engineering experience to formulate, construct and commission a rapidly deployable mobile fuel storage solution, to support our customers operating in challenging environments.

The NCS mobile storage solution facilitates the capability for a fully functioning, multi-product fuel storage and distribution facility to be deployed, commissioned, and operated with the minimum amount of time and manpower. With time and manpower reduced to a minimum, the focus can remain on the ability to issue on-specification fuel with minimal impact on the mission.

When choosing the NCS mobile storage project, it is delivered as a ‘Turnkey’ solution requiring no intervention from the customer. The project concept, design, logistics, and management are prepared and executed by NCS’ inhouse personnel. Using a turnkey solution, the customer can trust us to take on the responsibility of the storage solution.

Rapid Deployment

Due to the nature of the Tanktainer system, the product can be lifted and transported in a full capacity state. Given the time to position and load a single unit, an average site could be stripped within 9 hours and on the road to a new location. The turnaround time for downloading a 40K Ltr system replenishment tanker is approximately 40 minutes.

Environmental Considerations

Consideration for environmental protection is built into the system by means of each Tanktainer being contained within its own collapsible bund system. Adequate site ground protection is also provided with the use of fuel impervious sheeting constructed with a primary and secondary skin that is raised at edges to form a bunded area under and around all ancillary equipment minimizing any environmental impact to zero.

Benefits of the NCS mobile storage solution

  • Ability to be decommissioned and redeployed at very short notice
  • The system can be constructed in virtually any location required
  • The system is fully flexible and can be tailored to store specific volumes
  • The system can be delivered in either an empty state or with Tanktainers pre-filled
  • Mobilization possible with the tanktainers already prefilled
  • The system can handle all fuel grades and types
  • Issuance of ground product to domestic vehicles as well as fuel delivery bowsers
  • The system can be lifted and re-located in a full capacity state
  • Each Tanktainer being contained within its own collapsible bund system

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