Local Presence, Global Reach

NCS maintains a local presence to sustain effective, agile, and resilient capabilities, in the following ways:

  • NCS positions dependable "boots on the ground" at operational key locations and delivery points, empowered to take immediate action based on access to first-hand information.
  • NCS staff pay frequent visits to loading and shipping points, which offsets potential supply distribution risks and helps to ensure a stable fuel supply from point of manufacture to the end user.
  • NCS Operations and Country Managers maintain contact with local authorities.
  • All personnel respect the experience of our subcontractors and their insight into local customs, laws, and regulations.
  • NCS staff always monitors the supply line closely, in order to control the operations and react quickly and effectively to any changing or unexpected situation.
  • NCS Senior Management from Headquarters are visiting operational theatres on regular basis, to base decision-making on firsthand experience and to optimize cooperation with local management, staff, and business partners.

NCS is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Kinect Corporation (WKC), a U.S.-based, publicly traded global corporation (NYSE:INT). WKC has an outstanding reputation as a reliable financial counterparty, built on its 25-year history of combined strength in its balance sheet, ethics, and risk management.

WKC operates through a team of global and local professionals providing a comprehensive portfolio of fuel supply, logistics, credit financing, price risk management, and transaction management services.

As a subsidiary of WKC, NCS can draw on these global resources and ensure reliable product supply through our global network of proprietary transport assets, strategically located supply inventories, and long-term partnerships with our suppliers worldwide.

NCS Headquarters

Strømmen 6
9400 Nørresundby

+45 70 23 13 07
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NCS London Office

28th Floor, One Canada Square
London E14 5AA
United Kingdom

+45 70 23 13 07
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