Quality fuel for the military

Military fuel needs to be military grade. NCS can supply fuel and fuel related services. We know the
fuel quality for the military needs to be high. We can supply fuel for both ground vehicles and varied
aircrafts. No matter what the fuel is for, we make sure the quality stays high throughout its way from
the source to the end client. We always make sure to do quality testing when we supply fuel for a
client. Through the quality control, the client can always be sure to get quality fuel every time.

The NCS LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) ensures the traceability of any product
we deliver. For instance, the system shows data from the quality tests. This is data the client can access
in real time to check up on the fuel if they want to.

Our fuel services can be designing and constructing storage for your bulk fuel and technical services.
Technical service can be calibrating fuel equipment or the general testing of fuel. This can be a part of
a turn key solution along with the delivery of fuel.

High fuel quality in any area

At NCS, we take pride in being able to supply quality fuel to a client in harsh places. We can deliver fuel
and fuel related services in areas where others cannot. We can provide fuel in anything from severe
cold to severe heat and humidity. Military operations are often in harsh area. Hence, we have made
sure we can deliver anywhere. We are dedicated to our work for every single client.

We work hard to be seen as a dedicated and trustworthy supplier of fuel and fuel related services. We
value honesty, respect, and integrity both within NCS and with our clients. We believe this gives the
best cooperation between us and a client – and gives the best result. We work very transparently in
the sense that the client can see how far the ordered fuel is, the results from quality controls, etc.

Do you want to hear more about our services? Please contact us at +45 70 23 13 07 or via email:
sales@ncsfuel.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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