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What steps does WFS take to ensure my privacy is protected?

The World Fuel Services Corporation group of companies (collectively, “WFS”) are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information and to maintaining strong and meaningful data privacy controls. That’s why we created the WFS Data Privacy Center - a resource that helps you understand the steps we take to protect your privacy, the choices you have as to how to provide information to us and how we might use it . It also gives you a quick and convenient way to access our privacy principles and notice.

To learn more about how WFS protects your privacy, please read:

  1. Our Privacy Principles which emphasize our commitment to protect your personal data.
  2. Our Privacy Notice which informs you the information we collect and use, as well as the reasons we share it, and how you can limit the sharing of your information.

How often does WFS update its Privacy Notice and Online Privacy Statement?

As necessary, we will notify customers when we update our Privacy Principles and Privacy Notice. We encourage you to check back regularly for updates.

Where can I learn about how WFS collects, uses and shares my data?

You can learn about how we collect, use and share information in our Privacy Principles and Privacy Notice.

What are my choices about how WFS markets directly to me?

WFS aims to comply with all applicable marketing rules, including giving you the ability to opt into or out of our efforts to provide you additional information about the products and services that we believe would be of interest to you.

To modify your subscription preferences or opt-out of communications, please contact us.

I have a product or service issued by one of the WFS group of companies. Where can I find the relevant Privacy Principles and Privacy Notice?

Most WFS entities utilize the same Privacy Principles and Privacy Notice.

If the WFS entity that provided you a product or service has issued their own data privacy principles or privacy notice, you will find them on that entity’s website.

How can I contact WFS?

We encourage you to first visit the WFS Privacy Center, which contains additional information regarding our policies and procedures.

You can also manage your contact preferences via the WFS Subscription Center.

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