Product Assurance & Inventory Management

In any NCS operated supply chain, continuous testing is a key element for ensuring a reliable fuel supply program. To ensure the fuel remains within the parameters of the standard our customers demand, we monitor the quantity and quality of the fuel from the time we take ownership of the product until it is delivered to our customers equipment or vehicles. Depending on our customers requirement, we can conduct every test required to confirm that the fuel meets the industry standard.

We utilize our own inhouse automated fuel management system that can show every aspect of the fuel supply chain, fully compliant with JIG 1530, including full product traceability, verification, and origin validation, including a client option allowing end-user online access.

From Commercial to Military Grades

NCS understands the challenges faced when attempting to procure military grade fuels from commercial sources. That is why we have developed inhouse capabilities to perform our own additization. This simplifies the procurement process and often allows for alternative suppliers, increasing confidence in the supply. We are also able to position our additizing systems as close as possible to the end user. Many chemicals used in the additizing process are susceptible to degradation due to climatic conditions and extended storage timeframes.

Challenging Environments

NCS is a remote and challenging location specialist and as such, we have developed robust field- testing procedures that allow our operators to test fuel remotely while maintaining oversight through the regional laboratory. Part of this controlled flexibility is our standardized operational procedures and methodologies.

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