Upcoming Defense Standard to include Alternative Fuel

Several Defense Standards are currently under review and based on our historical use of standards NCS has been contacted for participation in a final review prior to publishing.

Among the draft standards is DEF STAN 01-005 Issue 20 Fuels, Lubricants, and Associated Products. This includes a fundamental change, as fuel from other sources for the first time will be allowed as an alternative to conventional hydrocarbon-based fuels.

Two categories of alternative fuel are being considered: Biofuel and Synthetic Fuel.

Reference biofuel the draft standard distinguishes between biodiesel and bioethanol. In both cases, the intent is to limit the use to a controlled blend into ground fuel in alignment with well-proven civilian usage. For diesel, this means a share of approved FAME up to the maximum level determined by EN 590, and for gasoline bioethanol up to the level of EN 228.

Synthetic fuel will for now be restricted to aviation fuel and limited to synthetic components already approved for jet in accordance with DEF STAN 91-091.

Besides this being a draft hence the final version might differ, it shall be considered that other specific statutory or contractual requirements very well may take precedence over this environmentally forthcoming approach in DEF STAN 01-005. NCS will stay on top of the development and safeguard our customer’s operation to ensure alternative fuels are introduced only when approved and fully technically compliant.

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