JP-8 – quality aviation fuel for the military

JP-8 is the US code for a specific aviation fuel for jets. This type of fuel is used by the military for their
airborne operations. NCS delivers high quality fuel and fuel services to the military or other
government operations. We have made specific solutions for industries like defense, mining, and oil
and gas. We can make turn key solutions for your fuel and fuel service needs.

We have great experience with the supply of fuel to the military. We cut our teeth in Afghanistan in
2007, where we became the prime vendor, until 2021. For 15 years we provided fuel and fuel services
for the military in Afghanistan. This gave us a lot of experience with fuel related services such as
supply, storage, and technical services.

Why choose NCS to supply JP-8?

We pride ourselves in making turn key solutions for our customers’ fuel needs. This means we can supply more than just military grade fuel, like JP-8. We can design and construct storage for the bulk
fuel and manage the facility. We can supply fuel equipment and test the quality of the fuel. We are so
much more than just a provider of fuel.

We put great value to reduce both risks and costs for our customers. We manage our supply chains
and quality tests with the intend of reducing any risks through the delivery of the fuel. We deliver our
solutions in high risk areas where others might not be able to.

We also take great pride in our policies and ethics to be the best business partner for our customers.
We respect local laws, and take pride in our code of conduct, and anti-corruption and -bribery policies.
All of this is the foundation of our company.

Do you want to hear more about our services related to JP-8? Please contact us at +45 70 23 13 07 or
via email: We look forward to hearing from you.

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