Fuel solution with traceability

NCS can deliver a fuel solution to a number of different industries. This includes government defense
operations, mining, and oil and gas. For instance, we gave support to NATO in Afghanistan. In the end,
we became the prime vendor of fuel and fuel services in NATO’s operation in Afghanistan.

Our solutions can include transportation, tracking, and unloading. Through the supply chain, we do
quality control of the fuel. Hence, we make sure the quality of the fuel stays military grade. This way,
our clients can trust that they get high quality fuel every time. We pride ourselves on being a
trustworthy vendor of fuel and fuel services to every client.

NCS is built on the vision of being a trustworthy and dedicated supplier of quality fuel and fuel related
services. We value honesty, integrity, and respect for the people we work with. We also work to
reduce the risks and related costs for our clients. We want to be a great business partner and make
world-class turn key fuel solutions.

Fuel solution – a turn key solution for your fuel needs

NCS makes turn key fuel solutions for customers. We deliver military grade fuel and fuel related
services. Hence, a solution from us can contain much more than just the delivery of fuel. A fuel
solution from NCS can contain fuel equipment, fuel storage, fuel logistics, and much more.

This all depends on what the client needs. Do you need storage for your bulk fuel, we can design and
built it for you. We can also manage it and make sure you know how much fuel you have and how
much is on its way. We can even tell you how much fuel each vehicle uses.

If you want a more sustainable fuel solution, we are happy to help you with that too. We always try to
be more sustainable – even as a fuel related company. Hence, we are more than happy to help you
with a more sustainable fuel solution, like HVO or SAF.

Do you want to hear more about our services? Please contact us at +45 70 23 13 07 or via email:
sales@ncsfuel.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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