Herat Bulk Fuel Installation

Project Overview:

In 2018, NCS designed and constructed a new Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI) at Camp Arena, Herat, Afghanistan for NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) under our Resolute Support Mission contract.

The solution was based on a 24 unit configuration for Diesel Ground Fuel and Aviation Jet Fuel and a pumping capacity of 1,100 Ltrs/minute.

Project Details

Herat BFI
Camp Arena, Herat, Afghanistan


In 2018 on behalf of NSPA (client), NCS designed and constructed a Bulk Fuel Installation (BFI) at Camp Arena. The BFI was built of industry compliant double skinned fuel storage tanktainers and connected via an above and below ground pipeline to the existing fuel infrastructure at the site.

The BFI in Camp Arena consisted of 24 new double skinned tanktainers which were installed without interruption to operations. The project included the design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of the facilities. The new capacity of the installation, when commissioned in July 2018, was 677,000 litres of F-34 (Jet) and F-54 (Diesel) specification product setup as 14 units as ground fuel BFI, 1 unit as retail, and 9 units for aviation fuel.

The NCS mobile storage solution facilitated the capability for a fully functioning, multi-product fuel storage and distribution facility to be deployed, commissioned, and operated with the minimum amount of time and manpower. Due to the nature of the Tanktainer system, the product could be lifted and transported in a full capacity state.

Consideration for environmental protection was built into the system by means of each Tanktainer being contained within its own self-contained bund system. Adequate site ground protection was also provided with the use of fuel impervious sheeting constructed with a primary and secondary skin that was raised at edges to form a bunded area under and around all ancillary equipment minimizing any environmental impact to zero.

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