Fuel Technical Training

Project Overview:

In 2016, NCS was contracted by the UN Supply Section to conduct fuel technical training of the UN Fuel Unit Staff for their fuel operations in Sudan. NCS took on this task utilizing the extended inhouse training/education capabilities used for its own staff.

Project Details

UN Fuel Training
Khartoum, Sudan


The purpose of the training was to enable the UN Staff to monitor and manage the fuel turnkey contractor. This was done by developing their fuel technical knowledge within several specific topics as well as updating them on the latest international standards.

Specific Training Topics:

  • Specification of fuel
  • Testing technical parameters
  • Handling and quality control handbook
  • Introduction to custody transfer
  • Loss control
  • Quality and test protocols
  • Petroleum standards
  • Safety during POL handling
  • Handling the use of testing equipment
  • Tank and bund infrastructure
  • Firefighting and environmental issues

The training was conducted as a mix of case studies, exercises, group discussions, quizzes, and presentations, all thoroughly prepared for this specific training session and in line with the standard NCS training package.

Upon completion of the course, all participants received a training certificate.

UN Supply Section recognized NCS for the training, confirming increased efficiency and effectiveness in their operations as a result.

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